rosewood table_000

Redwood Table stained with Rainwet Rosewood

rocking chair

Rainwet Silk over Oil base Wiping Stain

Interior Stained With Chameleon

Beams Stained with Refresh

Stained with Chameleon

Exterior Beams Stained with Refresh





Doors Stained with Window Door Trim Caramel

rosewood tomahawk

Rainwet Sheen – Rosewood

loghome aztec side ga

Rainwet Sheen – Aztec

prairie sunset on cedar siding 3

Rainwet Sheen – Prairie Sunset

house wchimney

Log Siding – Nutmeg


Log Siding – Hazelnut

Goobers Cabin3

Log Siding – Cinnamon

b_rubbers house

Nat. Cedar Honey & Red Cedar Combined to make a unique color

tennessee house

Cedar Shakes stained with Saddle Rainwet Sheen