cedarshopBack in the mid 70’s when Rymar was started, we began as a wood working company making a variety of products including decks, wood gym sets, and outdoor furniture which incidentally we pretty much got started in the mid-west. We published instruction manuals, catalogs, and other promotional material to help introduce our products to the public.

In making these products we used a variety of woods including pressure treated pine (CCA), redwood, cedar, teak, and Honduras mahogany. In order to stabilize the wood we tried a variety of coatings, however, none of them worked very well. We learned about a formula Forest Products Lab had and decided to give that a try also. It worked ok, but had some serious flaws. With the information we obtained from that formula we developed our own and started using it on our wood products with great success. Today the product has expanded from what the original was, performing well beyond what any of our competitors make. Because we started in wood and truly know wood we understand what it takes to make the two work together.

As it stands now, we are a small family owned business giving our customers both excellent products and service. We ship all over the country usually within 24 hours and when you contact our office you get prompt, courteous and knowledgeable information and service.