Rinseable Soap
model number RS1lb
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Rymar Rinseable Soap is a multi purpose cleaner for decks, fences, wood siding, and log homes. It also works well for cleaning painted or stained surfaces and vinyl siding.
Directions: On new & uncoated decks, siding, log homes, etc.– wet project first, (DO NOT use hard water when cleaning or you will end up with black iron spots). Mix 1/4 cup Rymar Rinseable Soap with 1 gallon warm water, add 1 quart chlorine bleach and mix thoroughly. Using a medium soft brush to clean project, rinse well and let dry 24 to 48 hours, then apply coating.

To clean between coatings: First wet surface, then mix 1/4 cup rinseable soap to 2 gallons of water. Clean with soft brush, rinse and let dry, then recoat.


To clean vinyl siding: Use 1/4 cup soap to 2 gallons of water; scrub lightly and rinse.

Note: Make sure you are using the proper cleaner on stains; for black spots, put a drop or two of bleach on a spot. If the spot disappears, it is mold; you will then need to use the bleach solution. If the spot does not come off, it is most likely an iron stain, use Rymar Oxalic Cleaner to remove it.
Caution: Always test a small area before using on an entire project. Using warm water works well, hot water will do severe damage to coatings and to some types of wood.

DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY!!! Avoid breathing vapor/dust. When using alone or with chlorine bleach wear gloves, respirator and proper eye protection. Read labels on bleach con-tainer.