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Dazzling Decks

To protect your wood deck from the elements use one of our revolutionary deck sealers. These products will provide a stain and sealer in one. Deck Coatings  –   Xtreme Weather, Deck Reflections, Exotic and Premium

Gorgeous Log Homes

To protect your log home or wood siding Rymar has developed a line of products not available from anyone on the market. These stains/sealers will provide the protection needed to extend the life of your wood. Exterior Coatings – Log Siding, Xtreme Weather, Refresh

Beautiful Interiors

Using the technology of our exterior coatings for interior products gives protection that no other products offer. Available in a number of colors, clears and sheens.  Interior coatings – Rain Wet, Rainwet Silk, Chameleon

Unique Doors

Our superior coatings for wood, windows, doors and trim will give you a lasting finish that is available in a variety of colors and sheens. Exterior Coatings – Window Door Trim, Rainwet